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Daphine Kamusingize | Manager, Go Organic network


Daphine Kamusingize, commonly referred to as ‘Organics’ by peers, is passionate about organic foods, practices, principles and technologies.

Daphine believes that the youth are the potential agents to effect global change in the organic sector; but must first change their attitude towards work; and that it’s high time we began giving a thought to the food we eat.

She is an ITCOA alumnus with a Bachelors degree in Community Forestry currently pursuing an MSc. in Environment and Natural Resources at Makerere University. She owns a diversity of knowledge and skills in various disciplines like organic inspection and certification, permaculture, food safety and hygiene among others.

Daphine is currently working as a research assistant with NARO; and a coordinator of the 1000 gardens project in Western Uganda. She was one of the 2012 ITCOA facilitators. She owns professional membership with Slow Food International, TBA and Nature Uganda.


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Go Organic – Why?

Through organic agriculture smallholder farmers sustain natural resources, increase agricultural productivity and earn a price premium for their certified organic produce. This raises farmers’ household income which is reinvested in health, education and food. For this reason, organic agriculture helps to build sustainable livelihoods.